Hyphenation : about to hang myself !

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Hello !

I'm experimenting persistent hyphenation issues with Scribu 1.4.4 and Debian 8.

I use french language. In order to be able to hyphenate properly I put hyph_fr.dic in /usr/share/scribus/dicts/ : it worked... once... and now Scribus doesn't hyphenate any more.

I the tried to rename it hyph_fr_FR.dict : no hyphenation. So I went back to hyph_fr.dic, but now Scribus crashes (signal #11).

I'm lost and upset...

Where to get the right dict ?
Where to store it ?
How should it be named ?

Thanks for your help !


do not manually rename libraries, that's not a good idea...

basically, on linux hyphenation should work by adding packages (if any) and does not need any further manual tweaking.
but lately i've been mostly working with left aligned text and i cannot tell you how to enable it... without doing some research...

but, maybe, somebody else knows...


I tweaked according to this page : https://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Hyphenation

But it worked only once...

Edit : I found this page https://packages.debian.org/sid/scribus and checked my system for all packages relative to hyphenation. I didn't have hyphen-fr which is a LibreOffice package. Now it seems to work but... why isn't it in scribus dependancies ? And how was I supposed to guess that the missing package was a LibreOffice one ?