Using Hebrew RTL Letters

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I will be typesetting a book which will include some Hebrew words.  I know there has been a lot of work happening on the use of complex script, which I appreciate.  Is it now possible to use this in 1.5.2?  If so, what steps do I need to take to implement the use of RTL Hebrew language? 

I've looked at this page in the wiki - - which suggests that I can use Hebrew text through the use of <div dir="RTL"><span lang="he" xml:lang="he">, but I don't have any idea where to place that code.

Thanks for your help and all the work being done on Scribus development.



hi les

you need to get the experimental ctl branch.

the source code is being developed here:

at the same place (if you have a github account) you can also write issues (if you find any)

if you're on mac you can download one of the daily builds the team is putting on sourceforge:

the result will hopefully be released as 1.5.3... so the short answer was: no, it's not in 1.5.2...


Thanks for the information.  I use windows.  I followed the link but could not understand anything.  I use Scribus, but coding and compiling is way, way beyond me.  I appreciate all that you folks do to create this software.    I'll have to wait for 1.5.3 to arrive, which, of course, I hope is not too far away. :)