I can't succed in installing scribus on osx snow leopard

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i'm trying to use scribus on mac osx snow leopard, but I can't install it !
i've tried to download install file from this link :

When I double click, it seems to create a kind of virtual device. So I launch the device and click on install, but it returns me an error message about libXrender not found or something like that.

What Can I do ?? I've no gift with computing, if someone can help me !


hi daeavelwyn

normally you don't have much to install. if you open the .dmg-image, you can take the 'scribus'-app that contains all the stuff needed and put it somewhere on your harddisk – i would recommend the applications folder – that's all...



Hi utnik,
thanks for your answer, I will try later to solve the problem, for now I haven't the computer in my hands (it's a friend of mine's computer). I will post here the error message.


I'm having a similar issue on my MacBook running OS 10.6.8. The download (1.4.0.dmg) runs fine; I go to the Downloads folder to find a disk image of 0kb and a .part file of 4Mb. I drag the disk image into Applications, open it from there, and get a "not recognized" error message. If I drag the .part file into Applications and open it from there, I get "There is no application set to open the document 'scribus-1.4.0.dmg.part'." Then a "Download Error" message pops up. Anyone have any ideas? I'm new to the Mac world, and I'd really like to get this working.


I wonder if the file is corrupted. I was able to install a demo of Scrivener with no troubles. Anyone have a lead on another source for it?


I don't know much of OS X files, but doesn't ".part" mean it is a partially downloaded file?

So, you probably did not wait until the download was finished.