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Hello, I have done a search about placing a pdf in to scribus, but the result that I got was from 2012. I think that there might have been improvements to Scribus since then. I say this because when I drag and drop the PDF a "Import PDF" windows comes up.

Here is what is going on. I am working on a 98 page book at the moment. I would like to print out a quick view of it. By Quick view I mean thumb nails. So what I am thinking of doing is taking the PDF of the 98 page book and then placing the PDF pages at thumbNail size on to A3 size document. When I drag and drop the PDF a window comes up, PDF import. There are 3 radio buttons, Import all Pages, Import Page, Choose Page. The only button that I can select is Import Page, and the other two are grayed out. Why can't I select Import Pages. Did I do something wrong Saving the PDF?  Placing 98 pages one by one would take for ever.

Please let me know thanks.


I am not sure what you are trying to do, but to place a PDF page as an image in a Scribus document you should use an image frame.

But you will need to place each page one at a time.



if you're using scribus 1.4, the state has not changed much since 2012 (i think so... since i have not seen the document you're referring to...)

and even if you're using the development version -- where things have improved -- i don't think scribus is an efficcient tool for collecting all thumbnails out of a pdf...

- the simplest one being to use your printer settings to print multiple pages per sheet
- the most geeky one being pdfnup

all depends on your skills, preferences, OS, tools you already have...



TLGwegg, there are probably lots of ways to get what you want, if I've understood your requirements properly, but they don't all use Scribus and they will be dependant on what OS you're using.

Printing multiple pages per sheet - as suggested by a.l.e. - is a very simple but effective way of getting an overview of your document. Most printer drivers allow you to do this and you should be able to print to a PDF for on-screen viewing if that's needed instead of a paper copy.

Another example, if you don't need to actually print the thumbnails - and just want to view them on screen - you can use the "Export as Image" function to export all of the pages as images (you can tell Scribus to export them all together). Then you can use file explorer/finder - or whatever you have in your OS - to view the files as thumbnails which you can then set to whatever size you want (or are allowed) and just browse them as you would any other images.

Alternatively, you can create a new Scribus document, put an image frame on the page, get the PDF as the image, then make a grid of image frames by using the "Multiple Duplicate" function. Then you need to manually change the page number - PP/Image/Page Number - which is a bit of a pain for 98 pages but once it's done you should be able to use this new document as a "thumbnail print preview". See attached image which uses GIMP Magazine as an example.

As a.l.e. says above, it really depends on what OS you're using and exactly what you want to do.

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Quote from: GarryP on May 04, 2016, 11:02:58 AM

Printing multiple pages per sheet - as suggested by a.l.e. - is a very simple but effective way of getting an overview of your document. Most printer drivers allow you to do this and you should be able to print to a PDF for on-screen viewing if that's needed instead of a paper copy.

I did not even think about that. Multi page and multi image import would be great though.



multi-image import is in 1.5svn:

- you can select multiple image in the load dialog
- place each image into an image frame (by clicking on an existing frame or dragging / shift-clicking a new frame)

but you won't get new pages nor get all images placed at once.

if you want a grid layout with all images it's easy to get a python script to do so. and it's very likely that in the scribus wiki there is such script already.


Hello everybody,

I know there are several topics on: Multiple pages PDF / one PDF with various pages / Multipages PDF. And I don't know if the question I have is solved...

I'm not interested in "import PDF as vector file" or "open PDF and choose multiple pages".

I know that it is possible to insert a multipage PDF in an image frame and then manually change the pages one by one in "Image properties / Page number: 1, 2, 3, ...".

Is it possible to place a single PDF with several pages in several image frames in the same way as inserting several photos from a folder (in a more automatic way than changing the page one by one)?

Other options:
Is it possible to link the "page number" of the frame in "Content properties F3" to the page number of the document or the page number of the section?

Would it be possible to enter a "formula" in the "page number" of the frame in "Content properties F3"?

For example, instead of entering "Page number: 1, 2, 3,..." one could write "=DocumentPage" or "=SectionPage + #"? In this way, the image frame would update the page number of the PDF according to the Scribus page number on which it is located.

I attach two images to try to explain better.


i'm not sure that doing "magic" (or formulas) in the page field of the images is a good idea.

but i've now created a patch for the scripter that adds the commands setImagePage() and getImagePage.

soon, it should be possible to write a small script that adds image frames with the "right" page.
or changes the page in the image to match the one in the document.


Thank you very much "a.l.e" for creating a path.

Any solution that can improve placing a PDF with multiple pages in image frames more automatically would be welcome.

Maybe my proposals are not the best... and other people may find a more suitable way.

Another alternative would be to use the "File / open" option and import a PDF with multiple pages in picture frames (not importing as a vector file, not recognizing the text either).

Is it possible to add another option to: Import each page into an image frame and keep the file linked (not embedded)?

Thank you all very much and congratulations to everyone who contributes to improve Scribus. I really appreciate it.