Author Topic: Test a Bleeding Edge (nightly) version of Scribus 1.5.3svn on OSX  (Read 10766 times)


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One of the Scribus devs, Craig, has started to upload OSX nighty DMGs for the community to test. They live on SourceForge:

  • These are considered 'unstable'
  • Obligatory: Scribus team takes no responsibility for any data loss. Use this at your own risk
  • You can run different versions of Scribus simultaneously on OSX
  • Backup you work before you open it in 1.5.3svn, it isn't backward compatible
  • If you're helping to test bugs, if you report a bug please mention what nightly version you installed and OSX version

Have fun!
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Re: Test a Bleeding Edge (nightly) version of Scribus 1.5.2svn on OSX
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