Photobook script with gui and progress indicator

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As a first post after registering, here is my photobook script.
This is is based on Gregory Pittman's scribalbum_a4 script, with the following changes and additions:
- no document is created, but a new document, created from a template, is expected
- the script assigns styles which have to be defined in the template
- every three pages a different master page is applied
- the gui shows the remaining time and a progressbar
- the Scribus stuff runs in a separate thread (to allow progress info to be shown in the gui)

In short, it is tailor-made for a specific template and lay-out, but you can improve it or change it to suit your project needs.

Scribus 1.5.6 developer version. Installed with Macports on Mac OS X 10.11.
When run in a terminal session, Scribus could find the Python exiftool. When run as .app it could not. For this to work as well, I added my own exiftool wrapper.

Having the Scribus calls in a separate thread did work, though with Qt errors. Now the Gui is run in a separate thread. Works fine except that Scribus crashes when the script is run twice within same Scribus session. It also crashes once in a while unexpectedly. Anyway, it's good enough for my current project.

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