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Problem with file sizes

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Thank you very much Utnik...
And I was just looking to what a Scrapbook is :-)
It seems that you can also export import objects from different versions of Scribus...
I'll certainly use this feature...

Vasil, if you could make the very large one-page SLA available to download from somewhere then someone might be able to figure out what the problem is. (This forum won't allow you to attach files that large.) You can use the "Collect For Output" function to include everything used by the document so that whoever looks at it has the full information.

It sounds like there's a bug at work somewhere but without being able to see what's happening in the actual file there's not much anyone can do to see what it is and fix it. (It's definitely strange though.)

You can try and compress the files with

hi octavo

compressing a fat .sla file with a .pdf converter? – are you sure about that?
…and for this strange recommendation you reactivate a forum thread wich had its solution almost five years ago???



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