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Hi guys  :D
The last couple of years I designed a calendar for a non-prophet (Humane Society of Garland County, ARhsgconline org]) using ID until I upgrade to windows 10. ID no longer worked so I thought of purchasing the program and found out it was to expensive AND I had to pay a fee each month to Adobe to us it. No way was I going to do that so I started looking for an alternative.  Finding Scribus I was excited to find out it could do the same things ID would do. Now there was a luring curve to Scribus but it was worth taking the time to learn it. Now the calendar I made was W-11"x H-8.5" and I tried to find a template for Scribus and couldn't find one, so I made one. 
My Question is: has anyone put up a web site where members can get and share there templates? If there is a site could you please let me know? If you would like to see a finished calendar drop me a line and I will send it to you and the template. (Note: I made the template after I made the calendar for 2020. You will need to put the days in the rite order for each year)


a quick search for 'scribus' and 'template' shows scribus-templates.net, the 'scribus' part of opendesktop.org and some others...