Cannot get keyboard shortcut for Edit Shape to work

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Can anyone else confirm this?

Using "Preferences", I set CTRL+H as the shortcut key for the "Edit Shape" function (in the "Item" section - see attached image) but it's not doing anything after I OK the dialog. I tried closing Scribus and re-opening but it still doesn't work.

I tried using CTRL+SHIFT+H and that didn't do anything. I tried CTRL+M but that didn't do anything either.

I just can't get that function to work with a shortcut key.

This is with Scribus Version 1.4.6 03 January 2016 Build ID: C-*-T-*-C1.8.6-Windows-64bit Using Ghostscript version 9.18

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hi garry,

i guess that such tests are more interesting for 1.5...

but i don't seem to be able to attach ctrl-h (on a mac) to it, either


Thanks for checking a.l.e.

At least it's looking like it's not just my system (or me).