Can I unlink text frames BUT leave the text in each frame?

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I linked all the text boxes over all pages jsut to get the text to flow in and fill the document.
Then I manually adjusted each text box so that I now have the desired amount of text on each page.

Now I want to break the links but I can't seem to do that without emptying all the text boxes except the first one!

I want the text to stop flowing and remain as it is now on each page while I'm rearranging things.

Is there a quick and easy way to do this?



there is such a function in the development version of scribus, but not yet in the stable one.

so if you're on 1.5svn you can have a look at the item menu...
... otherwise, you will have to wait a little longer...


Welcome to the forum cat.

Can you explain a little bit more about why you want to unlink the frames to rearrange things please?

If you don't resize the frames and just move them around then the text shouldn't re-flow (unless you're using the baseline grid, or some other objects have text flow enabled, or you change formatting, etc.).

I'm just trying to figure out what unlinking the frames would achieve for you.


Well, I can understand that one might want to "lock" most of the design, but still be able to change it on a few pages without affecting the rest. But if the frames are linked, a small change on one page might cascade through the whole document.

Maybe for some reason (like frame borders or frame background) you want to make one text frame larger without having it pull text from the next frame. Of course the work-around is to use another object for the frame or background, but being able to unlink with cuts would be a nicer solution.


Yes I'll be changing frame sizes, fonts and images for the text to flow around so these will all start the text shifting around again. The design of each page will be fixed.

I found a way in item menu to manually insert a frame break at the end of each and every frame ... it was a bit dull to say the least!

Thanks, all.  :)


one use case is when you're loading a well formatted LO writer document.

the first line is the heading, then comes the lead and finally the text:
- you can have three text frames that are linked,
- placed in a default ok place,
- load the whole text into them,
- tweak them in a way that the text is in the right place,
-  unlink, while leaving the content in place.

now you can freely modify, resize, move around the frames without fearing any reflow...


Quote from: GarryP on April 07, 2016, 01:35:33 PMCan you explain a little bit more about why you want to unlink the frames to rearrange things please?

I'm not the OP, but I recently had an interest in doing just this thing. I had several pages of essentially the same text. I needed to break it up into sections (by drawing a bar across the page at the appropriate places) and adjusted the frames. Ultimately, it didn't matter where I broke the text (in Scribus or during import) but that I had clean termination of each section.