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Here's another magazine cover experiment.

All done with Scribus and GIMP as usual.

It's nothing special but it might give someone a bit of inspiration to do something better.

Constructive comments and suggestions are, of course, welcome.

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Thanks Kunda.

It would be great to see more examples of things like this from the wider community to show what Scribus is capable of.


I thought about posting a copy of the cover of the newsletter I do, but after seeing many of your posts GarryP, it's clear mine is rather dull and uninspired. ;-)


Quote from: solaero on April 10, 2016, 11:15:10 PM
I thought about posting a copy of the cover of the newsletter I do, but after seeing many of your posts GarryP, it's clear mine is rather dull and uninspired. ;-)

the two don't compare!

garry is showing what is possible to do with scribus...

... your showcase will show us what really gets done with scribus!

both approaches are very useful for all of us!
(and if you wish some feedback, you might even be able to further improve your work... who knows?)


solaero, I have to agree totally with what a.l.e said.

The stuff that I've posted might have some entertainment value and might even be of some interest to some people but they're just experiments that were created without any consideration of the real world.

For instance, the magazine cover that I posted here might look a bit like what could be used in a glossy magazine where resources aren't an issue but it's totally useless for a newsletter that is printed on someone's home inkjet. Printing costs for the cover page alone would be way too high and it's just not an appropriate cover for something like that.

Also, some of my experiments take many hours of tinkering and messing about with things which most people just don't have the time for. My experiments are a just a hobby, they serve no real purpose.

I much prefer to see things that people have created for real-world reasons as they show what people have created that actually means something and is useful. My stuff shows what's possible but it doesn't show what should be done in reality.

If you look at you'll see lots of really great examples of other people's work but you won't see any of the things that I post in this forum. That's because my experiments are just that: experiments. They're not meant as examples of what you should try and make, they're just examples of what Scribus can help you to create.

I myself create a newsletter for a local charity which - by my own admission - looks very basic but that's because there are practical issues to consider, such as: printing costs; readability; postage costs; production time, etc. I could make it look "nicer" but it would be worthless as it would cost too much to get it into people's hands where it is needed and some people might not be able to read it.

No-one should think that their creations are better or worse than anyone else's. All that matters is how appropriate it is given the resource constraints, the readership, and what has to be communicated. Simple doesn't mean "wrong" in any way. A solid gold shirt might look fancy but it will be totally useless as something to wear. And a "basic" klaxon is way more effective at getting people's attention than a song with complicated lyrics and harmonies.

So, please post your creations here for all of the community to see and learn from. The more real-world examples that people can see the better it will be for everyone.