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Thank you aa_gangchen, I now have a copy of the book.


Thank you!

aa_gangchen, everything connected with the book I am working on is different from the example in your book, it will be an A5.

I wonder if any one on the forum has an A5 book template cover that I could have a go with before doing a real one?


hello wena

of course most of the books are different from the examples in a manual. what chen tells you, is how to deal with the specifications given by your printer.
first you have to know the dimensions of your front- and back cover and the spine width (which depends on the number of pages and the paper whight). with this you have the cover size (2 x cover width + spine width / cover hight).
then you can add the bleed area (given by the printer).
for the safety margins i don't add guides, because i give more room for that anyway…

you have to make your own cover. but you can follow the steps in chens book – so you won't miss something essential…



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