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Is there any way I can produce PDF X/1-a:2001 in scribus?

I know that there are other ways of doing so and that Scribus 1.5 will have it, but several members of this forum must have ways to do so.


hi wena

unfortunately, the only way to generate pdf/x-1a with scribus is with the version 1.5 – but you can install 1.4 and 1.5 parallel and run scribus1.5 only for the final pdf/x-1a generation.


Thanks, you are indeed a busy person.

 Where do I get a Scribus 1.5?

Every where I have looked suggest it is not available to date.

Have we a download falsity tor it?

Then do I run the text in the Sribus 1.4 format or a PDF.


hi wena

you can find daily 1.5 packages for ubuntu at
for all other operating systems you have to compile from the source code (wich you will find under the same link…)
if your printshop has scribus (some do – most don't…), perhaps they may generate the pdf for you.

--- Quote from: Wena on September 02, 2011, 04:36:18 pm ---Then do I run the text in the Sribus 1.4 format or a PDF.
--- End quote ---

i would write the text in a text editor like libO writer, ms word or something similar, then import it into scribus. (with libre office or open office all the formating will be imported as well…)


utnik, Thank you for your help.

Taking you address to get the source code and CMake to compile on my Windows XP computer , which I did. The only reference I found there was this link “svn:// - Scribus 1.5.0svn (trunk)”. But no download link.

Following that there was another link  Their was a list there but no download for Scribus 1.5. only a long list of developments.

Have I miss understood your instructions.

Has anyone got a direct link to v 1.5  download?



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