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Moving a document to an other location, but there are many pathways to pictures.

This makes a reorganization of the folder structure complicate.

My wish: a function to copy a document to a new location changing all the pathways.

Currently the best solution is probably to use Collect for output.

There is also the Image Manager that can be used to correct paths.

I think there are already feature requests regarding image paths (for example the possibility to set a path to absolute).

Years are passing and I still have the same problem.
Any solutions?
Not only the links do the pictures are lost every time I move the folder, but also all the information about size, position ect.
Any new features in scribus?

I have a thought that as a work around  image paths might be set as variables .. %VAR_image01path% .. and then script used to generate new object paths?

you have to use the collect for output function, if you want to move a document with its images.



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