Blank lines don't align with the corner of the frame

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Hello to all

I'm editing my novel with Scribus 1.5.1 and I found an annoying behaviour. Maybe you can help me to solve the problem.

I have some blank lines in the text to differentiate scenes. When I begin the page with one of these lines the cursor doesn't align with the top left corner of the frame so all the text is moved to the bottom by a few points. When I write some characters the cursor changes its position and aligns with the top left corner. This behaviour causes that some pages are misaligned with respect to other pages.

Thank you for your help


hi mimovil

blank lines are part of a bad typography – you should use paragraph styles (f3) with a defined space below each paragraph instead. (and the baseline grid is your friend...)



It seems that the baseline grid solves my problem.

Thank you very much!