[SOLVED] After PDF export, texts in PDF not able to copy to clipboard

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I am a new user of Scribus, and like it very much indeed. The problem I have now is that when I export my design to PDF, the text fields cannot be copied to the Clipboard in Acrobat.  What I have done:

- insert text frames into Scribus, type some text to them
- do a PDF export (PDF 1.5)
- verify that in Security tab, "Allow copying text and graphics" is checked and the document is not encrypted

When opening the PDF document, all text boxes appear as if they would be image frames, and copying of the text is not possible.

What am I missing?


Got it figured out.  Seems to be Windows standard font embedding problem in the current 1.4.x branch.  Switched to 1.5.1 dev version, and now font embedding works properly.  In my PDF, all text is now selectable/can be copied.


I'm new to Scribus (running v 1.4.6) and non-copiable texts in a target PDF confused me somewhat. I did try to embed fonts after unticking the Subset boxes, but that changed nothing. I've just installed Scribus 1.5.2 and, after unticking the Subset boxes, my text is now copiable.

Creating non-copiable PDFs does remain an interesting option as PDF protection seems easy to break.