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Importing A4 size eps results in height increase of 3000 inches

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Another weird possible bug.

1. Copy Openoffice Spreadsheet Table.
2. Paste GDI Metafile into Openoffice Draw.
3. Export selection to eps.
4. Import Vector into Scribus Document page 85 and said problem occurs. Vertical boundary becomes super long.

Earlier import of tables around page 30 and below is ok.
Document size is about 95 pages of text and eps /svg files. It's same doc that I was working on when I came across the Scribus "Character Style" hang/crash issue.

Import into page 30 or below. Cut and paste imported eps on page 30 into page 85.

A possible fix might be to change your workflow a little.

It sounds like you're trying to get a table from OpenOffice into Scribus.

LibreOffice (and OpenOffice is probably the same) can export directly to PDF and PNG (you can tell it what resolution after you've given a file name).

Both PDFs and PNGs can be put in image frames directly so maybe you could try those instead. It probably won't fix whatever kind of bug you've found but it might do the trick for what you want.

1. I'm doing an Annual Report. So, lot's of tables/spreadsheets.

2. Haven't tried LibreOffice yet but I was following the methods recommended in Scribus help manual. That is to use the OpenOffice Spreadsheet to Draw to Scribus.

3. I can live with the workaround I am using at the moment. Hopefully it gets fixed in the future.

Thanks GarryP.

You're welcome larry.

It sounded like you were doing something with multiple tables, and that's not an unusual thing to do with Scribus.

I know it's probably best for you at the moment to go with the workflow you've got but it might be good to experiment to save some time in the future.

For instance, if you create each new table on a different sheet in your workbook and then export the whole thing as PDF, you can import the PDF into an image frame. Then you can duplicate the frame and change the page (sheet) number in the Properties Palette Image tab to have a different table (sheet) in each frame.

All of your tables will be in the same workbook and easily changed - alter the workbook, export overwriting the PDF on export, update image frame - and all you need to do is change the page number to say which table to use in each frame. (You'll need to change image size/position to suit the frame also but you'd need to do that whatever format you used.)

You might find that this way of doing things makes it a lot easier for you to make your reports and update them quickly without much fuss. It's well worth giving it a go to see how easy it is to do.

On the OO/LO side, I don't think there's much difference between them (apart from which has had which bugs fixed). There will be some UI differences but they use pretty much the same code underneath. I think the Scribus team currently recommends using LibreOffice for some reason (probably because that's what they test against) but the outout from each should be the same.


Your method is much shorter and hence better. Thanks! But I have new questions now.

1. It's not exporting each worksheet properly to pdf. Some tables won't fit in 1 page as it used to before using the gdimeta/import eps route.

2. Slight problem with the pdf import. The tables are not fit to frame for some reason.


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