Creating a TOC from Seperate Documents

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Hello All!

I am creating a pretty long document, with various sections being edited by different people. I have the document broken down by section, with the cover, TOC, and a few intro pages. Currently, 18 different files. Here is my question...

The cover doesn't need a page number, and the first few pages (TOC, credit pages,etc) I would like to be roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc) and then the main body to be numbered with arabic numerals, (1,2, 3, etc). With the TOC being a sepeate document, can I make changes so that the TOC picks up the headings from the other parts of the document? Can I merge them? Can this be done in Scribus at all?

Thanks in advance! I've got about a week to figure this out.


Sorry TexAgg, but a Scribus document can only access information from within that same document; it can't get info' from other documents.

Your best solution would be to make the TOC manually. It will be much quicker than messing around trying to automate it somehow and you have full control over how it looks. (If the document is already broken down into separate files then you probably already have some idea of what page numbers each section/chapter uses.)


Yeah, I've been noticing that. I've been finding lots of bugs in 1.5. Wish I could have gone back to 1.4.

I was thinking if I could create the fields in the other docs, then import them pages. I will try that this afternoon.

The problem is that I have been progressing down the document, and have created styles that earlier parts of the document didn't have. So now I have to standardize them. It's quite a challenge to make really long docs with Scribus.