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Hey Everyone

So I need to make a second revision to this user guide I've put together for our product. As I've mentioned before, 60 pages and it's SLOW to edit and scroll through in 1.4.6. I know 1.5.1 is "unstable" but when I open the document I can zoom in, scroll and edit like a knife cutting through butter.

Is it generally safe to start working in 1.5.1 on this document? Obviously I've never saved anything I've tried so that I can still open it in 1.4.6 but if I'm not doing anything crazy, just text frames, images, vectors and a title page with auto page numbers will 1.5.1 be relatively stable/safe based on your experience?

Thanks for your feedback and input. We're going to be starting our next guide that will be just as big, and if I can do ANYTHING to help keep things running and not slowing down I'll do it!


hi nathbeadle

i think, it's ok to work with scribus 1.5, as long as you save your work frequently.
at the moment i don't work with 1.5.1 - there are some problems with this version that i have to investigate first. if you intend to use 1.5.1, just test it first on a copy...



Hi there,

I'm trying to become familiar with scribus-1.5.1-windows-x64-r2 on windows 10.
I've encountered a problem with the text style.
I mean that when I try to edit styles for characters, everything seems to work, but when I'm in the text editor (in the story editor) and I choose the style (i.e. for a title with Impact font - color white - shadowed, that I named TITLE), nothing changes.
Is that due to a new way to set styles, that I need to learn? Or is it a known issue that will be solved?

PS: I use currently scribus 1.4.3 and styles work perfectly


hi sduccio
Quote from: sduccio on February 26, 2016, 10:27:43 AMwhen I try to edit styles for characters,...
...(in the story editor) and I choose the style...
...nothing changes.

i edit my text via 'properties' (f2) direct in the frame, so i almost never use the story editor. but afaik you can only apply paragraph styles there – there are no
character styles in the story editor.