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Help installing RC5 in Ubuntu

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--- Quote from: brohan on August 31, 2011, 08:49:15 am ---In Synaptic I show 30,621 packages listed, 1485 installed, 0 broken, 0 to install/upgrade.  python 2.7 is not listed as an available package, could this be the issue?

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Nope. Packages are located in different repositories, but a stock install of Ubuntu does not enable all the repositories. A stock install will list only a few thousand packages. That you have 30,621 packages available tells me that you have enabled all the repositories. Therefore, my suggestion was useless and something else is causing the problem. I don't know what it is and I have no further suggestions. Hopefully someone smarter than me will come along with more suggestions.

For the hay of it, I manually downloaded and installed python 2.7.2 in the /usr/bin directory. As I am new to Linux, I am not sure that Linux recognizes that I have 2.7.2 installed, or if just 2.6 is available. Can one have more than one installed and recognized?  I went and tried to install Scribus RC5 again, but same issues. I shall wait for help.


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