Problème d'impression chez l'imprimeur - printing problem

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J'utilise Scribus 1.4.5.
J'ai transmis à l'imprimeur plusieurs fichiers avec une seule page (projet de couverture) et un fichier de 28 pages.
Tous les fichiers sont exportés sous PDF avec traits de coupe.
Aucun problème pour l'impression des fichiers de une page;
Impossible d'imprimer le fichier de 28 pages.
Ce sont des fichiers d'essai. Je veux réaliser des récits de voyage de 200 pages environ avec beaucoup de photos.
Merci pour vos réponses.
I try to translate in english
I used Scribus 1.4.5.
I transmitted to the printer several files with a single page (cover project) and a 28-page file.
All files are exported in PDF with crop marks.
No problem for printing files from a page;
Impossible to print the file of 28 pages.
These files are test files. I would like to realize travel books about 200 pages with a lot of photos.
Thank you for your answers.


Je regrette que je ne parle pas Français courament. Ansi, en Anglais.

First thing, I suggest that you contact your printer and ask him/her what the problem is.

You should probably export your PDF inside pages as single pages, not as double page spreads. (That is single pages, NOT single files.) The printer needs to arrange the single pages on a large sheet so that they come out in the proper sequence when folded. This is called "imposition". See more here:

Pages are usually printed 16-up or 32-up on a sheet and then folded to get the proper numbering sequence. These folded pages are called a "signature". Many signatures make up a book. Sometimes the signatures are sewn together (very strong), sometimes they are glued together at the spine (not so strong).Then the cover is put on. Then the whole thing is trimmed to your crop marks.

I don't know whether you know all this, but I put it out there anyway.

Again, the first rule is "Talk to your printer".



Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse.
Je vais en parler avec mon imprimeur.
Les pages sortaient bien une par une dans le fichier PDF, mais je vais néanmoins refaire l'exportation en mettant le fichier en "single pages"
Thank you very much for your answer.
I'll ask my printer.
The pages did well one by one in the PDF, but I will do again the export by sending the pages in single file


hi tipi

there's no need to open three different threads on the same topic.
as long as you don't show your files or tell us exactly how you generate the .pdf file wich fails in the printing process, there won't be much help for you...