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Document layout for wedding invitation
« on: February 23, 2016, 05:42:11 pm »
Hello forum.

I've just discovered Scribus after it was recommended to me as a good open source DTP package that I can run on Linux, while searching for something that I can use to produce my wedding invitations.  A friend has already helped us with an initial design and layout using her expensive Adobe software, but I don't want to have keep going back and asking her to make lots and lots of tiny adjustments in case I wear out her patience.  So, I want to give it a go myself.

The layout I want is like this:

|\                                \
| \                                \
|  \                                \
|   \                                \
|    \                                \
|     \         TEXT HERE              \
|      \                                \
|       \                                \
|        \                                \
|    _____\                                \
|   /      \________________________________\
|  /                                /
| /      TEXT HERE                 /
|/                                /

The width and height of the back is 140mm, with the top flap being 120mm high and the bottom flap being 37mm high.  The bottom flap will be glued to the back along the left and right edges to make a pocket for card inserts.  When unfolded, the total card length will be 297mm, which by a complete stroke of luck is the same length as a sheet of A4 paper  ;)

As well as the text on the front of the two flaps (which will be on the back of the sheet and upside-down before being folded), there is also to be text on the inside of the top flap.

Can anyone advise how I set up a new document in Scribus to best represent this layout?

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Document layout for wedding invitation
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2016, 06:02:44 pm »
hi jmann
  • create a file with two pages in single page mode
  • add horizontal guides at 120 mm and 260 mm (apply guides to all pages)
  • insert text boxes on the middle part of the front side and on the top and lower part of the back side
  • flip the back side boxes in horizontal and vertical direction ('properties' (f2) 'x. y. z')
  • write your text…


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Re: Document layout for wedding invitation
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2016, 09:20:45 am »
Best way to figure out is of course to make yourself a dummy using a paper. Draw boxes on the dummy indicating what content should go where and then unfold. Voila, there is your layout, now just reproduce it in Scribus.

Working with upside-down text may be a challenge, but even if a frame is turned upside-down the story editor will show the text normally. For an invitation I guess there is not very much text in the upside-down parts so it shouldn't be that hard.