Version 1.5.1 on Ubuntu

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I am eager to try the newly released version 1.5.1, and I am just wondering why it takes so long for it to get to the PPA, when the SVN builds are produced nightly.


sooooo long :-)

the guy taking care of ubuntu and debian is having exams right now...

and i don't really see why you would want the 1.5.1 if you already have the nightly PPA...
a newer development is (almost) always better than an old one!

(this is of course different for a stable version... even if in the case of scribus, i'm not 100% sure about...)


I posted a related question here ... perhaps it should be in this Linux sub-forum?,1952.0.html


I installed the trunk, but it came up as 1.5.2, and I thought it might be unstable.