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I am a new user of Scribus and a new member , i and I have  immediately  a question for the use of Scribus:
- I wrote a code
- In the code I I enter a text frame
- The text is taken from a previously written file
- It is possible to make dynamic the result so that the same changes according to the text?
- In what way?
Thank you.


Hello Angelo2449. Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately it is not currently possible - as of 1.4.5 - to make the text in a frame dynamic and dependant on the contents of another file.

I agree that it would be a really useful function but it would take a massive amount of effort to make that sort of thing work well.

On the other hand, depending on what your requirements are, it might be possible to create a script to automate something close to what you need, but I don't use scripts so I couldn't help on that.

If you outline your requirements then someone else on the forum might be able to help; they might even already have something you can use. It's worth a try.