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Special characters disappear when importing text


Depot 1:
I have problem importing a text with danish characters. No matter which encoding I select, the danish characters does'nt show. If I copy-paste from the text file everything is ok.

Have anyboby encountered similar issues and found a solution?

Meho R.:
Which version of Scribus? With 1.4.0rc5, I encountered no problems importing UTF-8 encoded text, be it from .txt file (with UTF-8 encoding), be it from .odt file created by LibreOffice Writer.

Depot 1:
I'm using 1.4.0 rc5.
It does'nt work for me when importing with UTF-8 encoding (or any other).
I've used Word to save the file as .txt, but now tried using Textedit instead and saving with UTF-8 encoding as well. That worked! So I guess I have to copy the Word-file to Textedit, and then save that file with UTF-8?

Meho R.:
I'm not sure how Word functions, but try searching for ".txt (text encoded)" not plain .txt when exporting. Another option might be to install LibreOffice (it's free) and save as .odt document, then import it in Scribus (retaining all formatting and paragraph styles, if you wish). And, of course, you can do it the way you described ;)

Depot 1:
I don't think you can select encoding, when saving from Word. I'll just use the copy-paste method or download LibreOffice, as you recommended.
Thanks a lot for your help!


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