Booklet printing problems, PDF corrupt?

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I've got a persistent printing problem that could be caused by Scribus.

I've done a montly 8 page folded A4 booklet with scribus. There seems to be some problem when printing the PDF produced with scribus. The booklet is printed with finisher to fold prints.
The PDF file looks ok when seen on computer, but the problem is that the printer folds page at wrong place (about at quarter page instead of half). I'm not the one doing the printing but all the settings of the printer are ok. I'm not sure if the problem is with printer or the PDF file. But this is the only print that seems to have problems.

So is there anything I might be doing wrong when exporting PDF or some other quirky things going on with scribus that I have failed to address?


Since Scribus does not really have a booklet feature, how it the final PDF created?

Scribus PDF output is generally considered good quality, thus I suspect there is some other problem in the toolchain used.


Could you attach the pdf file for me to look at and print/fold on my digital press to see if it works?