Any plans for Windows 10 support?

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I tried to install Scribus 1.4.2 on a Windows 10 machine and got an error message that it couldn't be installed.  Are there any plans for a Windows 10 version?

Sorry if this has already been answered.  I'm a newbie and couldn't find any info on Windows 10 support.



A quick search in the forum indicates that several people are using Scribus under Windows 10.


gbguy, my first question would be: "Why are you trying to install version 1.4.2 when the current stable version is 1.4.6?".

1.4.6 runs just fine on Windows 10, both the 32- and 64-bit bit flavours of Scribus.

What, exactly, does the "error message that it couldn't be installed" say?


Thanks all!  As I said I was a Scribus newbie.  One of the sites that recommended Scribus pointed me to the 1.4.2 download which I stupidly thought was the current version.

I feel like an idiot (a feeling I'm becoming familiar with).

Again I appreciate the prompt help from this forum.


There's absolutely no need to feel silly, we all make mistakes (and I speak from experience).

I'm still wondering what the message was though.

Just a note for anyone reading this: When downloading software it is best practice to go to the official website related to that software and follow the download links from there. To do otherwise opens you up to getting any kind of dodgy software that could include malware and who knows what else. If in doubt, always get your software from the official sites and don't just follow the nearest link.