Strange functionality when resizing object within group

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Is this a bug or a feature? (See attached annimated GIF.)

Steps to reproduce:
* Create a shape.
* Create another next to it.
* Group the shapes.
* Deselect the group.
* Select the group.
* Alt-Select one of the shapes.
* Resize shape using handle.

Side of shape goes missing. Giving the shape a fill colour shows that there's something wrong.

* Deselect.
* Select the group.
* Ungroup the shapes.

Resized shape gets filled correctly.

I'm not sure if this is expected or not. I'd say that it wasn't but I'm prepared to hear an good explanation for otherwise.

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hey garry

i confirm the behavior in 1.5.1... and it's not a feature :-(

and i recall having seen similar bugs in the past (that have been fixed...)

can you please add a ticket in the bug tracker?