LittleCMS for color management

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I would like to use LittleCMS under Windows 7. Scribus is missing the LittleCMS library. I'm not a linux expert and have no experience in compiling source code. What can I do?

I've already contacted the maker of LittleCMS, his answer: "I suggest to contact with Scribus team. Littlecms is just a developers library, a tool that may be used in a multitude of different ways. I don't know how Scribus is using it: as a DLL or as a static library etc.".

My Scribus version:


usually the windows-build of scribus is compiled with little cms – you don't have to do something for it...
to use the color management you need to load the color profiles for your monitor, scanner, camera, printer... and if you work with a professional print shop, you need their icc-profile as well.