Unblurry vector graphics in PDF for monitor (they are fine in print)

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Hi guys,

after having printed my thesis (that I made in Scribus and includes a lot of vector graphics (*.EPS)), I would like to have a PDF with high quality for monitor use.

All vector graphics appear blurry in the PDF (at most zoom levels, only very few levels, e.g. 200% actually show the graphics 'as-is'), but are high quality in print.

Could you point me to the correct direction so as to generate a PDF that shows vector graphics that are just fine in all zoom levels on a monitor?



PS: For your information: embedded PNG files are not affected by this issue, only EPS files.


To me it sounds as if the EPS have been rasterized.

Did you check the "Embed PDF & EPS files" setting in the PDF export dialog? Otherwise Scribus will rasterize PDF and EPS objects.