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Hi Guys,

is there any plan to move Scribus from SourceForge to any GIT platform?

Since the moment is really hard getting the latest version of  Scribus for all the Linux distros but Ubuntu, could be really useful.
Don't forget that after the Gimp issue SF is not anymore a good platform where hosting a project.





Sourceforge is I guess used for the binaries. Long deserted Sourceforge because of their spam policies.

The git is alternative to svn for those that build Scribus from source.


Some notes: (my observations, i don't speak for the team)
The core dev team was paying attention when SF was being shady and injecting adware in to binaries. They still decided to stay with SF probably because of they changed their ways and possibly because of inertia. Not exactly sure why. There was talk about this on and off the Mailing List at the time.

The core devs prefer to use SVN over GIT. There is a git repo on Github that acts as an SVN mirror
Some people contribute PRs to it. The community maintainers will take that PR and repost it to the Scribus bugtracker for the core devs to evaluate and possibly implement.

There used to be a GIT repo (not github) that a previously active dev spearheaded but he has since been dormant with his volunteer work to Scribus. So that repo went away eventually.


Hi guys,

thanks to all for the replies, I will use the git repo to compile the latest version of Scribus on Debian, however it seems the new Debian Project Leader would add the PPA to Debian as well so maybe in the future could be easier get the development branch of Scribus on Debian.