Macports Scribus 1.5.1svn (bleeding edge) for Testers and for the inquisitive

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10:28 AM   <Kunda> how does someone start to write a HEAD port in macports ?
10:30 AM   <anddam> Kunda: what's a HEAD port?
10:30 AM   <Kunda> the bleeding edge version of trunk
10:30 AM   <Kunda> so there is a Scribus 1.4.5 port
10:30 AM   <Kunda> but there is no Scribus 1.5.1svn bleeding edge port
10:31 AM   <Kunda> like a rolling release version
10:31 AM   <Kunda> or an unstable version
10:31 AM   <Kunda> not sure what you guys call it
10:31 AM   <geekosaur> you don't, basically. it's not a reproduceable build
10:31 AM   <su_v> it is, if based on a certain commit
10:31 AM   <conundrum> Kunda: You could do it for yourself pretty easily.
10:31 AM   <geekosaur> we have -devel ports but they're based on snapshots (which may be specific commit hashes)
10:32 AM   <Kunda> that commit can't be a moving target ?
10:32 AM   <su_v> (there are some devel ports which don't use a devel snapshot tarball)
10:32 AM   <anddam> Kunda: create a local repository and do whatever you want
10:33 AM   <anddam> the portfile can accomodates your need pretty easily, or sort of, it's still Tcl...
10:33 AM   <Kunda> here is a HEAD only homebrew formula to build Scribus 1.5.1svn
10:33 AM   <Kunda> so how do i translate this in to macport-speak ?
10:35 AM   <Kunda> hey su_v  :)
10:39 AM   <Kunda> su_v, what's an example of these devel ports you describe ?
10:40 AM   <su_v> e.g. gegl-devel, babl-devel and the various devel ports for GIMP 2.9
10:40 AM   <conundrum> Kunda: Take a look at this file: /opt/local/var/macports/sources/
10:40 AM   <su_v> there's one for inkscape trunk too
10:40 AM   <conundrum> And at this guide:
10:40 AM   <su_v> (inkscape-devel)
10:41 AM   <conundrum> (Used google cache since the MP site is not feeling too well right now)
10:41 AM   <conundrum> You're asking strangers to do work for you with no incentive.  If you do some legwork of your own you'll get farther.
10:42 AM   <conundrum> If you get a working portfile you could submit it back as scribus-devel (what su_v is talking about) and share the wealth.
10:42 AM   <conundrum> Or you could do it locally and only benefit yourself.
10:42 AM   <Kunda> conundrum, i was planning to help someone else get started.. but I may need to do legwork
10:42 AM   <Kunda> thanks su_v
10:43 AM   <conundrum> Kunda: I just did both for you.  :)
10:45 AM   <Kunda> conundrum, cheers :)
10:45 AM   <conundrum> Good luck!  Port files are pretty easy, especially if you're just looking to modify an existing one.