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I have a picture made with PSP 18 in a scan of bw negativ film at a Canon 9000F Mark 2.

The jpg picture is OK in Irfan View. DPI = 1200 and 2145 x 1265  px.

When I make an import of this jpg to Scribus I get  a hazy picture very small.

Then I made a pdf "print" from PSP, and save it as a page. Open the saved pdf again in PSP with 300 dpi. Cut it out of the page and  save it as a jpg file. Now I can import without problems to Scribus.

Attachment: hca 1.jpg is the scan and positive picture from Canon,  hca 1 ny.jpg is the picture made around the pdf print

greetings form denmark


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I have solved the problem. A picture with 1200 dpi can not be correct imported. I look at the picture hca 1.jpg in Irfan View and in Picture Informations is a possibility to change the dpi number. I changed it from 1200 to 300, saved it and get back to Scribus. Now there where no problems with import of the 300 dpi picture.

But why?



The DPI in the picture is just a suggestion to Scribus how it should scale the image.

You are aware of that the preview of an image in Scribus is a lower resolution to keep speed up? To see the real resolution you should export to a PDF.


and then I tried with the 1200 dpi image and as you writed - in a pdf print is the image perfect also pdf looked on the screen. But in Scribus on the screen it's only blur. Thank you for your answer.



Scribus displays images in lower resolution by default for performance reasons, AFIACT.
If you want to change this manually, right click on image (see attached pict). If you want to change the default go to:

Preferences > Items Tools > Images > On Screen Preview

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