Poster Experiment - Agents of S.C.R.I.B.U.S.

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Here's a silly thing that I threw together today.

I'm not entirely happy with it but it might give someone an idea for something better of their own. I might come back to it later if I get some good suggestions for improvements.

Main logo and text drawn with Scribus, some GIMP work for other logos and textures.

Can you spot the little "improvement" I made to the logo?

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Great sense of humor and I like the concept. Thanks Garry!
Feedback: I'd love for this to have a little bit more of 3d feel to it. It feels flat and missing something that makes it pop out.. perhaps a light shimmering effect across the edge of the shield ? Just my 2cents

Thanks for doing awesomeness with Scribus!


Many thanks for the feedback Kunda. Much appreciated.

I agree that the logo is a bit flat. I thought about taking it over to Blender but decided that it was too much work for something throwaway like this. However, I might re-visit it later when I get more time. (I'll have to brush up on my UV-mapping in the meantime.)