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Hi, i'm trying to create a book and have entered the bleed area as requested for LSI requirements (6mm top, bottom, outside and 3mm inside).  However, when I view the layout in scribus, the left page bleed is over into the right page.  This is not mirrored by the right page.  Is this suppose to happen?  When I save into a PDF part of the right page is showing on the left page.  Where am I going wrong do you know?
Thanks, Susan 

hi susan

without seeing the document, it's hard for me to guess what the problem is.

just one thing: in 1.4, the bleeds are supposed to work! and -- afaik -- there is no bug open...

The Bookish Mama:

I've been searching for something about bleeds, and this is the closest post to my problem, so I was wondering if anyone can help me?

I'm using Scribus 1.4 (on a pc) and have been using the bleeds tick box, and adding a 4 mm bleed to the magazine. But my printer says he can't see any of that when I send him the pdf. I think I'm going to cry! :(

He's given me a way round this (making the page size bigger etc.) and allowing for bleeds, but I just don't understand why it's not working. In Scribus, I can see the red lines indicating the bleed, and blue for the margin (on the second page of my magazine that has only text on it). True, I can't see it on my cover (with images locked etc.) but I thought he'd at least be able to see it on the text page then.

When I view the pdf in preview on my mac (before emailing it to the printer) it does look as though the bleed has been 'chopped off' - so to speak. So is it a problem with pdf generation?

Any help much appreciated. I can attach the file if that helps. Would I need to attach the .sla file?

Thank you.

hi bookish mama,

you should probably check if in the pdf export dialog you've also check "use document bleeds"...

does it help?


I don't remember right now how Scribus sets the different boxes in the PDF, but it is not unlikely that many PDF viewers only show the page inside the trim box. But the bleed is outside the trim box.

It might also be that Scribus sets the Crop box to the same as the Trim box.

So, first of all, check with your printer what program he uses to look at the PDF.

In Adobe Acrobat you can see all the boxes (I don't have Reader on this computer so I don't know how it looks there).


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