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Hi everyone,

This is my way of informing people about Scribus and saying that it actually works. Although you have to work a little bit different than you first thought.

I've made a book about pinball - called "Flippermyten" (sw: "The myth about pinball"). It's 142 pages, somewhat colored and sized A5.

I've done books and magazines before, but that was with Indesign, so the work was a little bit different.

As Scribus can't work with a 142-page document, I had to divide it into about twenty-thirty separate files. A eight-page blank document was used as a "Master document" for each segment.
The major steps were these:

1. Open the blank 8-page (equipped with some paragraph styles*)
2. Rename it to what pages it should contain.
3. Cut away or add a number of pages, depending how big the recent chapter would be.
4. Adjust which side the document starts with, and set a new page number to start with.
5. Insert all text and pictures.
6. Realize that you forgot to upgrade the master document with your latest additions to the paragraph styles, which had you to import them from which other document...? (That part was a little bit messy, but I hope there's a way to use a "grand" collection of styles in a lot of documents, where changes follow.)
7. Using a lot of keyboard shortcuts to edit the pages. If you don't use your own shortcuts, you will fail and get rid of scribus. It's vital for your workpace and your health.
8. Finalize the page and save for later.

Later I would edit the small errors found and than make a pdf of it.

Now I had a collection of some 20-30 pdf:s. Who would tell that to the printers?
Luckily, ubuntu (in which I work) was equipped with a nice pdf-stapler that put all the files together as one, and also saved the original paging.

Now it's of to the printers, and then we'll se. I will post some pics here, just wanted to spread the word that Scribus can be used professionally.