Circles- how to keep the aspect ratio when the size changes?

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I am working on a project that has "effervescence" as it's leitmotif, and hence I wanted to have a bunch ( a big bunch) of tiny bubbles as one of the graphic element.

It should be the easiest thing in the world to make a lot of circles of varying sizes (bigger, and then scale them all down) but I can not make the circles stay circles when I resize them (they become ellipses). I have the aspect ratio locked, but when I resize them they still squash into ellipses. I have also tried holding shift while re-sizing, but it does not seem to make a difference.

Short of entering the width to match the height every time I re-size, is there any way to keep them round?


Have you really locked height and width in the properties palette, XYZ tab? I have never had problems with keeping the aspect ratio that way.


just press the ctrl key while sizing/resizing the object to keep the aspect ratio.

you have to press the key after the mouse button is already down...


Karela, locking the aspect ratio in the Properties palette only affects height/width changes that you make in the Properties palette. Resizing via dragging an anchor on a frame is unaffected by this.

Also, on Macs, you keep the aspect ratio fixed while dragging by using the CMD key rather than CTRL.


Thanks, GarryP, that's good to know, next time I will just try re-sizing in the palette itself.

The cmd key while dragging helped a lot, but it still didn't keep things 100% circular. Every time I would start out with exact values and after resizing (even pressing the cmd key before, after, or at the same time) it would be very close, but still slightly different in the decimal points. Fortunately I was shrinking most of them for an artistic look, so it was neither important nor noticeable that they weren't perfect circles.