Book cover re-creation - Amityville Horror

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(Previously posted on the Scribus Google+ community page: )

While experimenting with isolating a fly from a white background - and who doesn't?! - I was wondering what I could do with it until I remembered a book from way-back and thought I'd have a go at re-creating the cover. And here is the result.

The background texture and fly-isolation were done in GIMP and the rest was in Scribus. A surprising amount of time had to be taken to get the text looking decent as almost every character in the title had to be manually altered to remove some curves and, in some cases, merge the glyphs or make other adjustments (e.g. see the "T" in "THE" and the "TYVI" in "AMITYVILLE").

The highest resolution image I could find as reference was here: so there wasn't much to work from. It's not perfect re-creation - I've used some "artistic license" - but I thought I'd share it anyway.

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