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Replace carriage returns with blank spaces

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There is only one catch to removing all the carriage returns.  You're left with one big blob of text and you have to go back and locate where all those paragraphs end and recreate them.  It can be a real pain in the arse.  You can do it if you want to.  Alternate search and replace in Open/Libre Office makes it easy.  Couple clicks and the only carriage return you have left is the one at the end of everything.

That script didn't remove anything for me.

If you are importing a text that has a CR at the end of each line (instead of just the end of the paragraph) this is usually what you want.

In Word I used to have a macro for imported text files doing the following:
1. Replace all paragraph breaks with line breaks
2. Replace all double line breaks with a single paragraph break
3. Replace all remaining line breaks with a space
(4. Replace all double spaces with a single space)

I think I named it "cleanup".


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