Impossible to insert PDF items via scripting ?

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As we all know, you can use the Scribus GUI to manually insert PDF items, such as PDF checkboxes, PDF textfields, PDF listboxes, etc. Those PDF elements are different in nature from "native" Scribus items (text frames, image frames, etc). Once the Scribus document is exported to a PDF file, those PDF fields will behave in a PDF document as perfectly normal PDF fields.

Also, as can be seen in the Scripter API and countless Scribus Python scripts, you can programmatically insert Scribus "native" items into a document.

What seems to be impossible is to create PDF items via scripting.

I mean, you can definitely script the creation of, say, a hundred documents and insert all types of "native" elements in them, but not PDF items (some PDF checkboxes, for instance)

I've searched through the Scripter API and certainly googled for it, but I found no positive reference.

So the question is:  Is it possible or not to script the insertion of PDF checkboxes, PDF listboxes etc in a Scribus document ?

Thanks in advance for any information!