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I'm making a trifold brochure for a friend. The measurements need to be like an A4 folded in three. She wants to print her brochure via (we're Belgian) So, when I go look on the site, I get several options, but the one I think she should choose is DIN lang 9,8x21.
Drukland has it's own template for Indesign, but it doesn't work in Scribus. Well, it opens, but than you get a pretty strange template. (see attachment)

So, they say I should take 303x216mm, but all other tutorials say 297x210... So who is right?
The problem is, she wants the background of her brochure in full colour, but, in different colours. So front page and back page same colour, folding page in other colour. And inside the brocher she want the left and right page in the same colour as the front and back page and the middle page in the same colour as the folding page. Also, she wants no space between her pictures and the page border.
So it is EXTREMELY important that I have the correct measurements, otherwise the background colours and the pictures will not fit exactly on the pages.

See attachments of what I mean...

Anyone who can help me out?

I hope I explained it well, as I'm not a native English speaker. :D

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hi hanna

i can't read dutch that well... but i've downloaded one of the idml templates and after having deleted all the "decorations" items around the document i got something that looks more than ok (the text around the page had some issues and not all was shown).

i could not find the exact brochure template you're using (but one that has 3 A4 folds) so i can't compare to the numbers you are given.
can you point me to the exact brochure you're downloading?

finally, in general, yes, you should have the page to be A4 (297x210) and have bleeds around it. but it's known that some printers are very "creative" and might add the bleeds to the size of the page... i can't speak for drukland...

does this help?
can you provide the name or link to the template you have?




I can only give you the link I already gave. Because there is no direct link to the template. So when you choose:
- DIN lang 9,8 x 21cm
- Wikkelvouw 6-zijding
- 135 grams glans (tip)
- geen afwerking

Those last two are not important for the lay-out.

Than you get:
- bekijk werktekening, which is a pdf
- Download Indesign  template (but you can open it with Scribus)

I think this template is ok than to work with?

(I'm sorry I can't give you a direct link)


hi hanna

i've followedyour instructions and downloaded


( if somebody else wants it)

what i get is a two page A4 document with 2 mm bleeds on each side.
the guides are there and seem to be placed at sane positions

looks good to me...

if nobody else sees issues with that, i guess you can go for it...