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The wiki page explains 'Preset Layouts' and provides images for each, as copied below.

Would someone kindly check and confirm that the images given are indeed all RIGHT pages?


Preset Layouts will be available for anything other than Single Page layout. What these represent are some time-honored ways to set the margins of the page, many based on some mathematical approach related to the dimensions of the page. Below we see the contrast of these various methods - these are all right pages of a double-sided layout.
Help prefs gutenberg.png

   Help prefs magazine.png

   Help prefs fibonacci.png

   Help prefs goldenmean.png

Golden Mean
   Help prefs 9parts.png

Nine Part



I cannot give a definitive answer, but looking at them is seems so.

If you go your book shelf and pick out a random book, you will most likely find that the bottom and our margins are the biggest.

If I recall correct, the reason behind this is that these places are where you are holding when you are keeping the book open for reading and when you turn pages. In older, especially handwritten, books, any text there would be prone to smearing of the ink, thus they made sure to have sufficient space for your thumbs.


Thank you.  Your explanation makes sense.  :)  But, why would we still use these?  Aren't there presets that are more suitable for digital printing? 


Would you not want to be able to read the full page without moving your thumbs if it was printed digitally?

For reading on the screen you don't need any margins at all, just keep the lines sufficiently short. But as long as there is something you are supposed to hold in your hands, you need to have room for holding it.


OK. Fine. So how do I calculate the margins and the bleeds? The Gutenberg layout looked like it did not allow room for binding? Actually tbh it seemed to contradict all the Scribus guidance. Felt puzzled. (The right side looked like the left side!!! :o)  Thought if missing this bit, something so basic, then probably didn't understand the rest of it either.


Adding space for the binding is done outside the page.

Usually, when doing a normal "sewn" binding, the space needed is just what is needed for the creep, 1-2 mm.

If you are looking for spiral binding or perfect binding, you will of course need to add more space. But that is outside the page, so it is added only when printing or impositioning the sheets.


Would you have the measurements for an A4 size booklet for children?
Not sure now whether the measurements I used are suitable.
Couldn't find any wiki entries on reasons for the Preset Layout measurements of Scribus, so had to start with something that made sense at the time: measurements given towards the middle of the page here -  And, didn't see "creep" mentioned. What is it exactly?
Thank you  :) .


Thanks, that'll come handy when preparing a mediaeval manuscript. At the moment trying to export about 30 pages from Scribus to pdf. My right pages became left pages when converted to pdf  :'(! But, if I add another page before page 1, then master pages get switched from left to right and right to left.  :(  Is there a way of fixing master pages if and when a new page is added somewhere before the very end?