How to get text alignment or paragraph style

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How do I get text alignment from a frame?
Or is there a way to see what the paragraph style is?


- double click on a text frame (or press the E key when the frame is selected)
- open the "properties palette" from the "window" menu
- choose the "text" tab and have a look at its sub tabs
- all the goodness is there only for you :-)

have fun with scribus


ooops, i did not notice that this was posted in the "scripts and plugins" section...

not sure if you can know what paragraph style is applied to a frame, but you can look for it in the developer section of the F1 scribus help.
most commands work on the current selection.

on the other side, instead of checking which paragraph style is applied, you can simply (re)apply the the style to the current selection...

does this help you?