aligning page numbers - text off-centre in "centre-justified" text frame

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I set up page numbers in the outside margins of separate L and R master pages.

My printer pointed out that they weren't symmetrical.

I had a text-frame spanning the bottom of the page edge-to-edge (ie, adjacent to the bleed space, not into the bleed space), with L-justified text on the L-master and R-justified text on the R-master, each padded in by the same number of spaces.   The L-page numbers were too far out, the R-page numbers were too far in.

So I changed to text-frames covering just the outside margins (inner edge of outside bleed, to outer text margin).  I used ^t text editor to insert centre-justified text containing just the page-number field.

Shouldn't this give page numbers in the centre of the outer margin?

Single-digit page numbers seem centred on the R-edge of the digit glyph (or somewhere outside it).   This gives L-page numbers too far L (out), and R-page numbers too far L (in)... similar to the problem I had with separate L-justified / R-justified styles... on duplex printing the front and back numbers appear as adjacent chars, rather than overlaid.

Two-digit page numbers seem centred on somewhere within the unit-digit (R-most digit), giving similar results.

Am I missing something?   Is this a bug?   I couldn't see any matching reports on

I've checked all my text-frame properties.  There are no adjustments.

The para style has no offset, nor optical margins.  The font style is unmodified FreeSerif Regular 12pt.

Scribus 1.4.5.svn / ubuntu 13.10 gnome
  bleeds outside 3mm inside 0mm
  text margins outside 23.5mm inside 36mm
  page size 148.5mm W x 210mm H



1. don't use the story editor except for the cases where you really need it (double click a text field to enter the edit mode, press esc to leave the edit mode and display the "window > properties" palette for formatting your text)

2. avoid centering items, it's harder to manage and make them nice. it's easier with left / right aligned visuals (but if well and sparely used, centered elements can of course enrich your document!)

3. now, concernign your issue i have:

- created a document
- on the master page i've inserted a vertical line and a big text frame with a huge page number mark in it
- centered the text for the whole frame by using the "text" tab in the "properties" palette (i've used "arial regular" as the font, it's the first one to show up on this system)
- used the "window > align and distribute" palette to center both in the page (use page as the reference for aligning!)
- created 100 pages and...
- the page numbers are not perfectly center alined but it does not look that bad either...
- ... on page 10, i've made a test with a square manually drawn around the digits and then centered to the page with the "align and distribute" palette... have a look at it...


- there might be differences due to the font used (some fonts do not behave correctly (within scribus))
- you might not be aligning against the "correct" references

you can have a look at the document attached and follow the steps above to check if you really have a problem with your centered text...

and, now, i'm wondering if the small distance i'm seeing on page 10 is worth to be reported as a bug...

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