[bug] 1.5.0 loses character style assignment of PDF input fields

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we have a 2 page PDF document that is being enhanced with some PDF input fields. Unfortunately the formatting (in this case the font size through a character style) of the PDF input fields is lost when Scribus is restarted.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a document
  • Place a PDF input field on it
  • Assign a different character style to the input field (one that changes the font size to something different than the default 10pt)
  • Save the document
  • Restart Scribus
  • Re-Open the document.
    The font size of the input field is back to 10pt (and the assignment to the character style is lost).
    Note that the font selection itself is preserved. It's only the font size and the assignment of a character style that is lost

Thanks for a really cool program!

Edit: you don't need to restart Scribus. Just reload the file

Edit 2: it seems that character styles assigned to a PDF input field are not saved at all. However a paragraph style is saved correctly. So I can persist the correct settings for PDF input fields. Maybe the assignment for a character style should be disabled in the UI for PDF fields to avoid confusion (or the assignment should be saved, but I guess disabling it, is less work)


I think this may be a limitation of PDF forms, not a limitation of Scribus.

Since the content of a PDF form field will be rendered by the PDF viewer, not Scribus, this means the form field can not support all features of Scribus but only those features defined by the PDF specification.