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Hello everybody!

I agree with Andreas S and a.l.e.
The Scribus Font Manager is almost useless if the user cannot select/deselect all fonts.
A good rule in desktop publishing is to limit the number of different typefaces to three or four. It's very curious that developers of Scribus have not take this aspect into consideration...

If in preferences there were two buttons (or whatever controls)  - one to deselect all, and another to select all (or a toggle) - then it would be easy for the user to narrow the available typefaces to those needed for a project, and then to make all available again for general work.

My idea being that the user could un-select all , then select the two or three needed for a project, so that all font menus would be conveniently short. The user could restore the full list at will.

I am guessing that under the hood, there is a database-like function for font listing and that select all, and unselect all would be light on coding. Of course - easy for me to say. I'm not a dev and do not know how much work is involved.

I am loathe to suggest complex new features, and hope the devs spend as much time as they can improving existing functions.

I think the opinion of the developers is that they want to focus on the main features of Scribus. Font management can be external to Scribus and does not need to be prioritized.

If someone would develop a font management tool I don't think they would object to including it, but they do not want to spend time on writing it.

I do not want to push for changes to font management if it requires much code; I am all for the devs staying focused on the primary functions of Scribus.


--- Quote from: CGood on September 07, 2016, 03:36:38 am ---I do not want to push for changes to font management if it requires much code...

--- End quote ---

I'm not a developer but I don't think the internal font manager must be completely rewritten... we can already select/unselect single fonts. Why not more then one at the same time?
However I agree: font management can be external to Scribus, even if it affects other softwares too ;)


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