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Since text is the "bread and butter" of Scribus I would have thought that text formatting - and, by extension, font selection - would be something that the developers held as high priority items. Having to scroll through hundreds of fonts in font selection drop-downs just makes for a bad experience.

There are plenty of ways to do this - and everyone has their preference - but there should at least be one way. The option for select/deselect all in the font list in Document Setup (as already stated) seems like it would be the easiest to implement. Unless Scribus is coded in some very weird way it can't be much more than a couple of buttons and a few lines of code to implement what the buttons should do (i.e. run through the displayed list and set the "Use Font" checkbox isChecked() to true or false, or whatever). It wouldn't be a great solution but it would be a start.

I agree font selection is putting me off using scribus at all. Too many scrolls and clicks involved taking far too much time. Inkscape is better than this for graphics

I have also noticed that if trying to change size of fonts the original size is not displayed, making editing a massive memory test

I know this thread is quite old, but since this problem...

--- Quote from: Andreas S on July 11, 2015, 04:57:17 pm ---2. in Preferences/Fonts I can globally deselect fonts, but I have to check/uncheck every single font (select all/deselect all) would help here. Now, with let's say 500 fonts I have to uncheck manually 498 fonts. Even better than a global (de-)select all would be to enable/disable complete font families.

--- End quote ---

... still exists I thought I might as well post my solution.

The font selections are saved in
--- Code: ---~/.scribus/scribus140.rc
--- End code ---
or in
--- Code: ---C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Scribus\scribus140.rc
--- End code ---

When you open that file in some kind of editor, all you have to do is find and replace all
--- Code: ---USE="1" EMBED="1"
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---USE="0" EMBED="1"
--- End code ---
and you're done (keeping 'EMBED...' in your search string prevents you from inadvertently changing other settings, for example '...moUSE="1"').

It is longer than having a deselect all button, but still well under a minute.

Edit: Formatted code and added Windows directory

SpoiledHobo's answer helped me a lot. Although in my case, I'm using Linux Manjaro and the font preferences file is in ~/.config/scribus/scribus150.rc


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