Create style without font weight/slant?

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Hi all!

I've been looking for a way to preserve bold and italic formatting from .odt files I import into Scribus. The problem is detailed here.

Importing the text from the .odt is easy, but as soon as I select a style in Scribus in order to format it properly, all italics are lost. This is because the definition of my style necessarily includes a setting for the font: regular, bold, italic, or bold italic.

Is there any way to leave this out for the Scribus style, so that applying it to a text doesn't change the font variant?

Thanks in advance!


Double-click a text frame, cmd+a on macOS, ctrl+a on PC to select all text, then use »Text Properties« and just modify the font face or size. This will keep the imported styles (normal/italic) intact.


Thanks, but that's not really practical when you need to update dozens of text frames in a magazine. The style includes also paragraph settings like line spacing and indents that I'd need to update for every frame. This would be painstaking and very error prone.


            x              (x)                    I'm wondering if the issue is direct formatting of the odt file, and not using styles within it. Open the odt in LibreOffice and see if there are styles used. If there are, then the issue may be that scribus isnt using the styles provided from odt file.
Can any scribus developers weigh in on this?
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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