RE: Script for Inserting PDF File and making Overlays

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I would like to see if anyone could make a script that would take a PDF, resize it, and then overlay some text and/or graphics over parts of it, so that it could be exported back to PDF.

The original PDF is generated by a mailing program, and is a label. Unfortunately, the label is branded by some company that I don't like. What I want to do is impose a text and/or PDF on sections of the generated label, then export the result back into a PDF. This would allow me to rebrand the PDF into something more useful.

Anyone want to take a stab at it?


Wouldn't it be easier to edit the PDF? Or is it encrypted/locked for edit?


Make sure that the design of the label isn't copyrighted before you try and re-use it. It would be unusual for it to be but you never know unless you find out. Different countries have different copyright laws. Better to be safe than sorry.


The PDF file is auto-generated by USPS software. I will generate  10-20 labels. All the graphics are in exactly the same positions on each label, so a script that would take the PDF and place a graphic at X-coordinates would be perfect. I would also like an optional graphic area for drop-shipping purposes.

It has a banner ad area where I would like to replace the corporate ad with another graphic. I usually cut off this area when I tape the label to the package.

The bottom space is white area that again is usually cut off. I want to add a message in this area.

I'd be willing to offer a few bucks to someone for the work. It would definitely save me a lot of time vs manually doing all this with stickers and scissors.


I think there are other tools that can solve that task better than Scribus, my first try would be ImageMagick (I think the compose tools can do what you want). But you may need to convert the PDF to TIFF or PNG first, I'm not sure ImagaMagick can work with PDF.