SVG Stroke-dasharray zero problem

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I found an importing probrem when test to import for many SVG data on Scribus.

My Enviroment is
MacOSX 10.10.3
Scribus   v1.5.0

About the problem
If import one of the SVG file that contains an attribute for 'stroke-dasharray="0"' ,
It had vanished by involving other SVG artworks that already displayed.
(They are not display on preview mode,but path data is exist.)

Please fix this problem.
In other applications(Web browser etc.), stroke-dasharray="0" is treated to displays as standard line.

I attached example files.
It is contains an attribute stroke-dasharray=""  (No problem file)

It is contains the attribute stroke-dasharray="0" (a problem file.)

This bug has a reproducible. Use to these files.
How to reproduce this.

  • Step 1) At first,Drag and Drop 'dash_array_empty.svg' to scribus document window.(It is no problem)
  • Step 2) Next,Drag and Drop 'dash_array_zero_bug.svg' to scribus document window.
  • Result) All SVG artworks on Acribus's document are vanish.(the bug  will occur)


[attachment deleted by admin]



looks like a bug... can you please post the issue to ?

have a nice day


ah, and thanks for reporting it! :-)


thanks for opening the ticket!

you can check the fix in the current svn

and a big thank to franz for fixing it in about 28 minutes!


a.l.e ,Thanks for your advice!
I submitted to a report in bug tracker.

Awesome!, It has been fixed soon! (While I writing this reply)
Thanks for scribus developer franz!!

I think that Scribus v1.5.0 is be better than before ver.
It was able to export un-embed PDF that using ttf font including 2-byte characters.
Also category icon & name display in the Preferences dialog has been improved.

I hope further development of Scribus. :D